PUG Challenge

Programmer's Challenge!

We have a server that plays games – specifically Othello (aka Reversi) - and it's bored and lonely.

You write some ABL code that plays Othello by talking to the server using a specific API we provide. During the PUG Challenge, players' play games against each other in a tournament that consists of a knockout competition. Preliminary rounds will take place during the PUG Challenge and the final match will take place during a session on Wednesday morning.

At the very least you win bragging rights, but there may be prizes too! :)

The Gory Details

Overflow Workshop Session Added!

Due to strong demand an afternoon session of Progress Application Server for OpenEdge: Introduction and Getting Started has been added. Reserve you place now at:
Sunday Workshop Registration

Why attend PUG Challenge?

Gus Bjorklund says:

The 2017 PUG Challenge/Exchange conference will soon be upon us. Have you signed up? If not, you will be missing a great opportunity to expand your knowledge.

Why you should be there:

  • 0) This is a technical conference exclusively focused on OpenEdge.
  • 1) There will be over 70 technical talks on a variety of topics, each performed by a very knowledgeable and experienced speaker. No marketing pablum.
  • 2) It will be fun.
  • 3) It will be useful.
  • 4) You will get to speak directly with the people who create the product and ask questions of them.
  • 5) It doesn't cost a lot.
  • 6) I will be there. :D

Rob Fitzpatrick adds:


There is no better value proposition in North America than PUG Challenge/Exchange for learning about all things OpenEdge. Whether you're an absolute beginner, an experienced user, or a multi-decade veteran, you'll learn new things at PUG Challenge. I say this from experience: my knowledge of OpenEdge is years ahead of where it otherwise would be thanks to attending this conference every year.

You get a deeper dive on product internals than is available in the docs and the KB. You get to mingle with your peers and hear their stories and challenges and benefit from their experience. You get a view of the platform and product roadmap and even the opportunity to influence its direction. You get both a mix of fundamental and advanced theory and a lot of practical tips and tricks you can bring back to your shop and implement. You get a well-organized schedule with 17 time slots so you can see a lot of great content. You get workshops with instructor-led hands-on training. And it's a ton of fun. Fantastic value.

What are you waiting for? Sign up! :)

Sunday Workshops

The Sunday Workshops are now available! Check out the offerings and register here:
Sunday Workshop Registration

Because of the classroom setting and the need to provision cloud images in advance there is limited seating available for Sunday Workshops and we need to be able to accurately predict head-count. So you must purchase a ticket and register separately to attend the Sunday workshops.

2017's Only North American Tech Conference Exclusively Focused on OpenEdge!

Mark your calendars now for the year's most exciting event for Progress OpenEdge programmers, administrators and other technical personnel.

Hanover Street, Manchester NH

The 2017 Progress Users Group (PUG) Challenge/Exchange promises to be three-and-a-half days of lively technical sessions, workshops, training, demos and face-to-face networking with your peers and the OpenEdge engineering team.

And remember...

Progress no longer hosts a stand-alone Exchange conference, so the PUG Challenge/ Exchange is your one chance to attend an OpenEdge technical conference in North America this year. Save the date for this must-attend event.

We look forward to seeing you June 4-7 at the 2017 PUG Challenge/Exchange!