2016 Sunday Workshops Announced!

The 2016 Sunday Workshop lineup is now available! This year our workshops will be held in the hotel (no bus ride necessary!) We will have five awesome sessions in the morning:

Followed by four great sessions in the afternoon:

Space is limited so be sure to check out the detailed session descriptions and sign up today!

Save The Date!!!
2016's Only OpenEdge Tech Conference in North America

Hanover Street, Manchester NH Mark your calendars now for the year's most exciting event for Progress OpenEdge programmers, administrators and other technical personnel.

The 2016 Progress Users Group (PUG) Challenge/Exchange promises to be three-and-a-half days of lively technical sessions, workshops, training, demos and face-to-face networking with your peers and the OpenEdge engineering team.

And remember...
Progress no longer hosts a stand-alone Exchange conference, so the PUG Challenge/ Exchange is your one chance to attend an OpenEdge technical conference in North America this year. Save the date for this must-attend event.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2016 PUG Challenge/Exchange!

2015 Announcements

75 Breakouts! Dark Energy Discovered?


75 Breakouts! Dark Energy Discovered?
Early Bird Registration Extended!
Workshops Announced
Call for Speakers
Why Attend?

75 Breakouts! Dark Energy Discovered?

We've got 75 breakout sessions scheduled so far! And they are arranged so that you can personally attend, not 3 or 4 but *16* of them. And you can sign up for as many as two (out of 10) intense, hands-on workshops being offered on Sunday!

We don't have half the day going to "general sessions" (there is a kick-off keynote, but it is only an hour...) and other silliness -- we focus on getting you the information that you *need* to make the most of what you've got!

There is something for everyone: database, programming, integration, best practices, new products, old products, info exchanges, workshops... the amount of OpenEdge information in one place is so dense that astronomers may finally find an answer to the the mystery of "dark energy"! (Could "stealth marketing" may be an unfortunate side-effect of too much technical brilliance in one place?)

And it's not too late to get a bargain! Extended Early Bird pricing for PUG Challenge Americas has a couple of days left to run. http://pugchallenge.com/register.html

There is no better way to find out that to join your peers June 7-10 in Westford MA for PUG Challenge/Exchange 2015 -- where OpenEdge Geeks Gather!

Early Bird Registration Extended!

Who thought that ending "early bird" registration on a holiday weekend was a good idea? The organizing committee sat that guy down and had a little chat with him... as a result Early Bird Registration has been extended to April 18th!

Register here!

Workshops Announced

This year a total of 10 workshops are being held Sunday at Progress HQ in Bedford. We will have transportation between the hotel in Westford and progress HQ. Busses will depart the hotel at 8:30 am and 12:30 pm. Return trips from Progress to the hotel will be at 1pm and 5pm.

Workshop Registration is Open: Register here!

2015 Workshop List & Descriptions

2015 Call for Speakers

We are now accepting session proposals for PUG Challenge Americas 2015, the premiere face-to-face conference for Progress OpenEdge users in the Americas!

The deadline for submissions is February 22nd. Proposals that are submittted after that date will be wait-listed.

Proposals must be submitted via our Proposal Web Form

PUG Challenge Americas 2015 is June 7-10

We have over 75 technical break-out sessions planned (you can personally attend up to 16 of them and send your teammates to the rest!) plus 10 workshops, the vendor expo, a Partner Track, commercial sessions, “Info Exchanges”, an “Offsite Adventure” and endless opportunities to network with your peers and the Progress engineers.

Why attend PUG Challenge?

Rob Willoughby said: 

I was a first time attendee last year. I've also done some of the PUGs remotely. It was 1000% better attending in person. Not only do you get to meet lots of folks from the PEG, but also non-PEGGERS and lots of PROGRESS employees as well.

The Sunday workshops are fantastic - you get hands on training step-by-step, with the both PROGRESS and non-PROGRESS experts to assist you. Later on in the week, there will be sessions discussing what you just learned by people who've been using it in the real world. If this doesn't get you jazzed about how this applies to your own job, then perhaps nothing ever will.

The pricing for this whole trip was very reasonable. I did have to work our execs a bit to get this trip approved last year. But it was well worth it. It was simply the best work-related experience I've ever had, and I'm glad I was talked into it.

Rob Fitzpatrick said:

To those who can't *get* budget, I say: *make* budget.

It's under $500 for a ticket and $99 per night, three nights in a hotel. And once you're there you have almost no expenses.

So yes, pay for it yourself, take a three-day vacation, drive to Westford, and immerse yourself in the best Progress conference there is. Soak up all the session goodness. Network your brains out. Personally, I've paid more money on various personal-development expenses (courses, seminars, books, etc.) and got less out of them than I got from attending PUG Challenge.

And when you get back and implement changes at the office that make you more efficient and valuable and save the company money, be very vocal about how you got this knowledge and that you expect the company to foot the bill next year.

More Testimonials --->

PUG Challenge Is:

Are you registered yet? pugchallenge.org/register.html

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Important Dates

April 30    Early Registration Ends
May 31    Standard Registration Ends
June 4    Hotel Room Block Closes
June 26-29    Conference!