Frequently Asked Questions

Prague: Visit our Eventbrite booking site.

Boston: Visit our Eventbrite Booking site.

If you have been given a Promo Code, complete the box at the top of the screen, Enter Code and then click Apply. Then choose how many tickets and Check out. Please note, your Order summary will show on the right of the screen, detailing any discounts applied from your Promo Code. Please complete the details on the next screen for your delegate(s) and then click Register. Each delegate will receive an email confirmation which will include a QR code. We will ask you for this when you come to register at the conference.

The Workshops will be running alongside breakout sessions. The breakout sessions will all be recorded and available after the conference. The Workshops are not recorded. For more details please see our Sessions page.

Prague: The conference will start at 09.00 on Wednesday 18th September and will end at 16.00 on Friday 20th September.

Boston: The conference will begin sunday 29th September and will end on 2nd October. The exact times of day will come soon.

Prague: The evening entertainment, food and drink on Wednesday and Thursday evenings is included in each ticket.

Boston: Coming soon.

If you would like a guest to accompany you to the Evening Events, as a ticket holder, you may purchase one Evening Guest Ticket which enables your guest to attend the Evening Events only. Please purchase via Eventbrite:

Prague: Book here.

Boston: Book here.