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Rapid Cloud Development

Rapid Cloud Development offers a pioneering OpenEdge web development framework designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. Their mission revolves around three core principles: Simplify, Re-use, and Enable. The platform empowers businesses by transforming their developers into full-stack professionals, streamlining the creation of web-based applications with minimal technical overhead.

With Rapid Cloud Development, users can craft diverse applications like CRM, ERP, WMS, customer portals, and e-commerce websites using an intuitive front-end designer.

The framework enhances efficiency by allowing re-use of screens and backend endpoints, significantly reducing development costs, time, and errors. This approach not only accelerates deployment but also eliminates the need for hiring specialized developers, fostering a competitive edge in the market.

By simplifying the development and deployment processes, Rapid Cloud Development ensures that businesses can quickly adapt and innovate without extensive training or new technology investments. The comprehensive solution helps companies reduce downtime, optimize resources, and maintain a robust web presence, ultimately enabling sustained growth and competitiveness.