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Consultingwerk is the leading and independent provider of OpenEdge development tools for application modernization, application architecture, OpenEdge GUI for .NET, Mobile and Web applications. With over 15 years of experiences Consultingwerk offers application modernization services which help companies to modernize their legacy systems to increase customer satisfaction, enhance flexibility, lower risk, and reduce operational costs. The comprehensive consulting services include: assessment, analysis, prototyping, training, coaching, mentoring and implementation. Consultingwerk was awarded the 2017 Community Service Award by Progress, is a founding member of the Common Component Specification initiative and is a Progress Service Delivery & Technology Alliance Partner.

The SmartComponent Library is the standards compliant framework for OpenEdge GUI for .NET, Angular, Kendo UI, mobile devices, RESTful clients, OpenEdge BPM and Corticon designed to modernize existing OpenEdge applications as well as to start new projects. It provides rich functionality at design time and at runtime and allows integration with existing frameworks while providing flexible customization options. The SmartComponent Library is based on the OpenEdge Reference Architecture and was the first framework to implement the Common Component Specification (CCS) thus allowing the flexible reuse of business logic in any kind of user interface or consumer, facilitating and improving the capabilities of the object-oriented ABL.