PUG Challenge

2019 Sunday Workshop Registration

Because of the classroom setting there is limited seating available and we need to be able to accurately predict head-count. So you must purchase a ticket and register to attend the Sunday workshops.

For workshops you will need to bring a laptop. Workshops use a "remote desktop" to access a "cloud" image that has all necessary Progress software and licenses pre-installed. Every workshop attendee gets a distinct login that they can use. We will keep the images running for a few days after the conference so that you can copy any code that you worked on back to your work environment.

Remote desktop clients are standard on Windows and easily available for Macs or Linux. Detailed instructions are provided the week prior to the conference.

Please make sure that your laptop is fully charged at the start of the workshop. There is a limit to the number of extension cords that we can run and there may not be enough for everyone.

Please make sure that your laptop's firewall and security software is not blocking access to the cloud! If you have a "corporate laptop" make sure that you know how to get access to cloud resources in a public classroom setting outside of your usual corporate connections.

Registration will take you to the external "impactflow" website: