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Paul Guggenheim

Paul Guggenheim founded Paul Guggenheim & Associates in 1984. PGA has been training Progress students since 1986. We’ve developed high-quality Progress training courses and provide both public training classes in the Chicago area and private training classes on-site.

In addition, we provide clients with consulting services and custom application development.

We also created the S.M.A.R.T.S. (Sales Management and Record Tracking System) sales force automation application and the Sharp Menu System, a database-driven menu and security application for developers.

Paul speaks at several regional and international conferences. Some of the topics he’s covered:

  • Persistent Procedures
  • Direct Widget Manipulation
  • Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
  • Indexes and Performance
  • Understanding Asynchronous Requests
  • Virtual System Tables (VST)
  • WebClient for B2B
  • Accelerating Index Performance
  • Datetime, Blobs, and Clobs, Oh My! (New OpenEdge datatypes)
  • Transaction and Record Scoping and How They Relate to Record Locks
  • Free, Fancy Reports

Paul is also chairperson of the Chicago Area Progress Users Group.

Speaker Sessions

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