PUG Challenge Americas

Mike Furgal

Progress OpenEdge Expert

Progress Development: 1989 – 2012
Progress Professional Services: 2012 – 2022.
Independent Contractor: 2022 – Current

Mike Furgal started his career at Progress in 1989 in development.

He has held many different roles during the time including working on the OpenEdge database product and managing different development teams working on the OpenEdge database. In 2012 he joined the Consulting team at Progress as Director of Database Services where he and his team are responsible for managing over 3,000 distinct databases and over 340 Terabytes of data and 255,000+ connected users.

As a former developer of the OpenEdge database, Mike brings a unique perspective as both a consumer of the OpenEdge technology, but also a developer of the same technology. Mike has presented highly technical topics around the world at nearly all of the Progress conferences and PUGs.

Speaker Sessions

Tales From The Secret Bunker 2023

OpenEdge Release 12 has a variety of new features and capabilities that can make such maintenance tasks more efficient and less disruptive to normal production

Speaker Workshops