PUG Challenge Americas

Gilles Querret

Director, Riversoftware

Gilles Querret, the founder of Riverside Software, is a visionary in the field of software development, with a specialization in OpenEdge and Java technologies. With a background as a contractor and product manager, Gilles has always strived to improve the tools and processes utilized by development teams, enabling them to deliver new versions promptly. His first notable achievement is the creation of PCT, an acclaimed build automation tool for ABL. Presently, Gilles is dedicated to developing a state-of-the-art ABL plugin for VSCode, along with ABL code analysis through the integration of SonarQube’s powerful capabilities in OpenEdge environments.

Speaker Sessions

VSCode with OpenEdge

This session will help attendees have a better understanding of how the OpenEdge plugin for VSCode can help them become more productive OpenEdge developers.

Speaker Workshops