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David Moloney

DAVID MOLONEY is currently a Software Architect, Manager, and Lead Security Champion for OpenEdge Product Security. David worked many years developing the OpenEdge DataServer products and then led a remote team to further advance these products. David also has core language project experience and has also led many efforts to integrate core language features into the DataServer products. David now spends much of his time enabling OpenEdge scrum teams to shift left on security requirements by building protections into software design. He is the OpenEdge liaison to Corporate committees on standards and policy for Progress products and infrastructure security. He architects security features for OpenEdge and helps other designers adhere to security best practices from acceptance criteria to delivery. He tracks and advises on remediation and mitigation strategies used to resolve product vulnerabilities identified by development, customers and ethical hackers. He works on compliance requirements for security audits. He conducts threat modeling and organizes pen testing campaigns on product components. And, he proudly leads a select group of Security Champions who evangelize the necessity for secure software across each development team in the OpenEdge organization.

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