PUG Challenge Americas

Running Classic WebSpeed on PASOE in OpenEdge 12.8

Progress delivered the WebSpeed Compatibility Handler for PASOE in OpenEdge 11.6. The decision was made for the Compatibility Handler to not support WebSpeed Mapped Objects. Modern web application architecture calls for separating UI from business logic and Progress had been deemphasizing this for many years prior to PASOE. This has also caused partners to remain on Classic WebSpeed as the cost of migrating was just too great.

To help customers move to the current OpenEdge platform, we have added runtime support for WebSpeed Mapped Objects to the Compatibility Handler in OpenEdge 12.7. This is runtime only support.

The following topics will be covered:
• Installing the Workshop Application Archive (OEAR) of PASOE.
• Using WebSpeed Workshop and the WebSpeed Samples
• Running and debugging WebSpeed code
• Tips for separating UI from Business Logic
• Where to go for more help in migration

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