PUG Challenge Americas

Protecting Your Data: Best Practices for Ensuring OpenEdge Database Reliability

As a database administrator, you know that protecting your data is critical to the success of your business. In this presentation, we’ll take a deep dive into the technologies and best practices that enable reliable OpenEdge database operation. We’ll cover key topics like database backup and recovery, after-image management, and OpenEdge Replication, and provide practical tips and strategies for ensuring database reliability. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of Progress’ internal structures and mechanisms that enable these technologies, and learn how to manage them effectively to protect your data and maintain business continuity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain critical insights into database reliability and learn how to protect your data effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned DBA or just starting out, this presentation will provide you with valuable information and practical tips that you can apply in your own work. Join us and ensure that your OpenEdge databases are reliable, secure, and always available.

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