PUG Challenge

PUG Challenge Americas Call for Speakers: Proposal Submission

The deadline for submissions is June 28th Proposals that are submitted after that date will be wait-listed.

Accepted proposals will entitle the speaker to complementary admission to the conference. If you submit a proposal but it is not accepted you are still eligible for super-early bird registration so there is no need to register before decisions are made.

Please complete the form below to submit a proposal for a breakout session. The information provided will be the basis for the schedule, agenda & program guide text.

An e-mail will be sent to the address provided acknowledging successful submission.

Enter a comma separated list of any additional keywords that users might associate with this topic.

Examples: 4GL, Database, SaaS, Performance, Pacific, Mobile, XML, OO, JSON etc.


Enter any special requirements such as an internet connection or hi-resolution LCD projector.

If you leave this blank we might just decide to make something up -- we are not going to waste a lot of time tracking these down so do it now. If you submit more than one proposal you only need to fill this out once.