PUG Challenge

What About PUG Fall 2020?

We still anticipate doing something in the fall.

The definition of "something" is fuzzy.

We do not think that we want to simply re-hash NEXT on a smaller scale. That seems silly. One idea that we have kicked around is a more workshop heavy format. Possibly with some unstructured (or less structured) topics that encourage more problem solving vs a fixed agenda.

A more extreme version of that is that some of the speakers / organizers / usual suspects have done a thing that we call "coding camp" outside of the PUG environment and found it to be a very productive way to get focused time out of the office to work on various things. Sometimes it is a proof of concept, sometimes learning how to use new tools, sometimes just a project that never seems to get any love... everyone has something different that they want to work on but having easy access to people who can get you unstuck is priceless.

If we were to do something like this we would also probably break out of the concrete coffins hotel format - so prepare to be rustic if you like this idea. ;)

Input and ideas are welcome! Send your thoughts to: info@pugchallenge.org