PUG Challenge

2017 Sunday Workshop Registration

This year all workshops are being held at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester NH. No buses will be necessary.

Because of the classroom setting there is limited seating available and we need to be able to accurately predict head-count. So you must purchase a ticket and register below to attend the Sunday workshops.

For workshops you will need to bring a laptop. Workshops use a "remote desktop" to access a "cloud" image that has all necessary Progress software and licenses pre-installed. Every workshop attendee gets a distinct login that they can use. We will keep the images running for a few days after the conference so that you can copy any code that you worked on back to your work environment.

Remote desktop clients are standard on Windows and easily available for Macs or Linux. Detailed instructions are provided the week prior to the conference.

Please make sure that your laptop is fully charged at the start of the workshop. There is a limit to the number of extension cords that we can run and there may not be enough for everyone.

Please make sure that your laptop's firewall and security software is not blocking access to the cloud! If you have a "corporate laptop" make sure that you know how to get access to cloud resources in a public classroom setting outside of your usual corporate connections.

Sunday, June 4th
Time Room Workshop
8:30 Check-in and Workshop Coffee/Snacks
9:00 Morning Workshops
9:00 TBD 501: OpenEdge Authentication Gateway Full Day Workshop
Roy Ellis, Progress

This is an all-day workshop!!!

OpenEdge Authentication Gateway is a new product in 11.7 that protects your application and database using separation of duties and processes for authentication and authorization. With OEAuthGateway you wont need to develop nor maintain your own authentication and authorization modules for your application. The OEAuthGateway better protects your data by not allowing a connection to your OpenEdge database until authenticated and authorized. This 2-part workshop will go through the how-tos and whys of the OEAuthGateway. Explaining why to use the OE AuthGateway and a hands on how-to install and configure it using your own virtual image.

Morning: Install and configure the OpenEdge Authentication Server

Afternoon: Configure an OpenEdge Database to use only the OpenEdge Authentication Server

9:00 TBD 394: Climb Aboard the ProDataSet Train!
Paul Guggenheim, Paul Guggenheim & Associates, Inc.

If you have been putting off learning ProDataSets but still want to learn about them, here is your chance. ProDataSets are one of the major developments in the OpenEdge ABL. Whether you are building an application that uses the advanced UI, browser based, object oriented or procedural-based, they are useful for a number of reasons. The beginning developer will learn how to define complex business logic inside a ProDataSet, create data mapping between the ProDataSet and the database, and associate hooks for custom event procedures.

A generous set of code examples will be supplied and demonstrated. Don't miss this opportunity to get up to speed quickly in this versatile yet powerful technology. Attendees should have a good background in OpenEdge and feel comfortable with temp-tables, queries and browses.

9:00 TBD 405: Progress Application Server for OpenEdge: Introduction and Getting Started
Michael Banks, Progress

The latest Progress Application Server for OpenEdge (PAS for OE) is built on top of Apache Tomcat and provides a wealth of new functionality and configurability. This workshop will go through how to set up the PAS for OE. You will be able to setup and run the PAS for OE AppServer in your test environment and run code against PAS for OE. You will leave feeling confident about being able to set up and test PAS for OE in your environment.

12:00 Check-in and Workshop Lunch
13:00 Afternoon Workshops
13:00 TBD 225: 4GL Code Performance - Take 2
Paul Koufalis, Peter Judge, White Star Software & Progress

NEW and REVISED for 2017! Is your idea of code performance review searching for WHOLE-INDEX in a compile-xref? If yes, sign up for the workshop RIGHT NOW. This workshop will give you hands-on experience with a whole universe of tools available to help diagnose and correct performance problems in your 4GL code. If you attended this workshop last year you should still sign up again - you know from last year that there is way to much material to cover in 3 hours.

13:00 TBD 306: OpenEdge Change Data Capture (CDC) Featuring Analytics Use Cases
Srinivas Kantipudi, Progress

Over the last few years, weve observed two clear trends 1) data volumes are growing rapidly and 2) data latencies are quickly shrinking as users expect fresh and accurate data to be available in near real time, where and when needed. As these trends evolve, the traditional bulk processing approach is doomed to fail. The solution of choice is to change the processing paradigm and work with the data that actually changed which in many cases is a fraction of the source data. This paradigm is based on change data capture (CDC), a technology that reduces costs and enables improvement of data timeliness, quality, and consistency. Lets go through the practical approach and use OpenEdge Analytics 360 in conjunction with OpenEdge CDC for ETL, Data Replication and Master Data Management.

13:00 TBD 417: Kendo UI Builder Hands-on Workshop
Dustin Grau, Progress

A hands-on workshop showing the latest Kendo UI Builder features. Since the product will change considerably between now and the event, the content will focus on what is new and relevant at the time of the conference.

17:00 Break -- Welcome Reception Starts at 6pm

Cancellations and Refunds

Refunds for on-site meeting registrations are available within 60 days of purchase but no later than 12:00 noon May 4th, 2017.

No refunds are available after this time due to contractual obligations with the venue based on the registration count. Refund requests should be addressed to info@pugchallenge.org