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PUG Challenge Americas FAQ

PUG Challenge Americas 2018 is October 24-26.

Wednesday through Friday?  What happened to Sunday through Wednesday?

The EMEA conference has been Wednesday through Friday for many years and that has worked well for them so we thought we would give it a try - especially since we couldn't get any Sunday-Wednesday dates to work!

What is the meaning of "Challenge"?

Nothing special really. The whole idea of a 2 day technical meeting came at the late 90's from Jop Kluis. In a brainstorm we came up with the name. And of course everything is a challenge: organizing it, being there and have the great feeling when hundreds of people have a great time learning a lot!

-- Bert Tukkers
PUG Challenge EMEA

Why Greater Boston?

Staying close to Progress HQ gives us a major leg up in attracting Progress engineers to the conference. The location is served by both Boston (Logan) airport and Manchester NH's airport. Boston has many non-stop flights to/from major cities. Manchester NH is very easy to get in and out of and served by all the major airlines. Both airports are serverd by Southwest Airlines -- meaning that fares are low.

Travel Tips

Which airport is closest?

If you do fly into Boston there is a bus service from Logan airport to Nashua: Boston Express The Nashua bus stop is a quick cab ride from the hotel. Make sure that you take a bus going to Nashua NH Not all of them do.

Boston is, obviously, the larger airport and is well served by all of the major domestic airlines as well as many international carriers. It is, however, located in Boston Harbor so you will have to deal with Boston's traffic to get in and out. It is approximately 60 miles from Boston's Logan Airport to downtown Manchester.

Boston Logan International Airport; General Information

Boston Logan International Airport; Airlines

Boston Logan International Airport; Rental Cars

MHT has much less traffic and is very easy to get in and out of. It is served by all of the major domestic airlines except for Jet Blue. About half of the flights are B737/A320 type of aircraft. Most of the rest are "regional jets". There are a small number of turbo-props (connections to LGA & EWR).

Manchester Airport; General Information

Manchester Airport; Airlines

Manchester Airport; Rental Cars

Which airport is cheapest?

Pricing for both BOS and MHT is heavily influenced by the presence, at both, of Southwest Airlines. Boston can sometimes be cheaper for international flights due to competition from foreign carriers with direct flights into Boston.

Which airport has the most non-stop flights?

That depends a bit on where you are coming from but BOS is going to be the best if you are on the west coast or an international attendee. If you are on the east coast MHT has a lot of non-stops.

If a non-stop flight is important to you be very careful booking! Airlines often advertise "direct" flights as if they are non-stops. But they stop in the middle, you usually have to deplane and they very often have "unscheduled" equipment changes -- which means that you get to change planes.

Which airport has the best connections?

Both airports are served by most of the major carriers and have plenty of connecting service.

I would like to find a way to share a ride between the airport and the conference. Can you help?

We suggest that you post your interest and pertinent information (flight arrival and departure times) on the PUG Challenge Americas discussion forum .