PUG Challenge Americas 2013 Downloads

The session id#, found on the final schedule, is used as a prefix to easily identify the presentation and any code samples or other material.

The download list now includes links to audio recordings of the sessions. There were some glitches, so some sessions are missing, and others might be missing a few minutes. If two versions of the recording are available, we provide both. Generally the first of the two links will have better sound, but some bits (such as audience questions) might be clearer on the second.

Sunday (Workshops)



221_OEMobileIntro.pptx - (audio)
222_Analyzing_Perf_Probs.pptx - (audio) (audio2)
223_MT_Overview4Techies.pdf - (audio)
224_bi_checkpoints_crashes_v03.pdf - (audio) (audio2)
225_AE_Success.pdf - (audio) (audio2)

231_Inside_OE_Mobile.zip - (audio)
232_Buying_DB_HW.pptx - (audio)
233_Basics_of_IM.pptx - (audio)
234_Source_Code_Analysis.pdf - (audio) (audio2)
235_Pro2.ppt - (audio) (audio2)

241_4gl_in_openedge_11_v26.pdf - (audio)
242_Obsolete_DBA.pdf - (audio)
243_OO_Programming.pptx - (audio)
244_SCM_Best_Practices_with_RTB.pdf - (audio) (audio2)
245_Aurora.pdf - (audio)

251_DBCorruption.pptx - (audio)
252_CPObjectPUG2013.pdf - (audio)
254_Maximizing_Productivity_With_PDSOE.pptx - (audio) (audio2)
255_Skin_Client_Mobile - (audio)

261_Index_Rebuild_Perf.pptx - (audio) (audio2)
262_OE_Mobile_Backend.pdf - (audio)
263_XmlDataServices.pptx - (audio)
264_ABL_Best_Practices.pdf - (audio) (audio2)
265_DataPA_Developer.pptx - (audio)


311_Congrats_Now_What.pptx - (audio) (audio2)
312_Customizing_OE_Architect_Templates.pdf - (audio)
313_BIRTPUG2013.pdf - (audio)
314_Migrating2MT.pdf - (audio)

321_Database_IO.pptx - (audio) (audio2)
322_50Ways.pptx - (audio)
323_MobileCRUDApp.zip - (audio)
323_gmoeb.ppt - (audio)
324_OEBPM.pptx - (audio)
325_OF-1.pdf - (audio)
325_OF-1 - (audio)

331_OpenSourceDataSharing.ppt - (audio)
332_debghb_v2.pptx - (audio)
333_JSON_101.pdf - (audio) (audio2)
334_CI_With_RTB.pdf - (audio)
335: Managing Your Applications Through a Unified Configuration - (audio) (audio2)

341_High_Availability.ppt - (audio) (audio2)
342: A Bird in the Feather of the OOABL (originally "Why Do 11.2?") - (audio)
343_Node.js.pptx - (audio)
344_REST_Security.pdf - (audio)
345_Community.pptx - (audio) (audio2)

351_Audit_Tales.pptx - (audio) (audio2)
353_DisruptingMobileDevelopment.pdf - (audio)
354_OE_Sys_Virtualization.pdf - (audio)
355_SmartComponent_Library.pdf - (audio) (audio2)

361_Coding_with_IM.pptx - (audio) (audio2)
363_Corticon4OE.pptx - (audio) (audio2)
364_Eclipse_Plugin_Dev_and_OE11.pdf - (audio)
365: OE Dev DB Info Exchange - (audio) (audio2)


413_REST_of_Story.pptx - (audio)
414_Understanding_UNIX_Perf.pptx - (audio)
415_Making_Sense.ppt - (audio)

421_HTML5.pdf - (audio)
422_email.ppt - (audio)
423_Birth_Death_infinity_v14.pptx - (audio)
424_Go_Mobile.pdf - (audio)
425: OE Dev/Lang/Tools Info Exchange.mp3 - (audio)

GS2: Closing General Session with Progress CEO Phil Pead - (audio) (audio2)
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Practical: Topics cover the technology that you actually have as well as The Next Big Thing!

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