PUG Challenge Americas 2011 Downloads

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Id Speaker Propellers Description
201 David Abdala + NSRA - A Practical Introduction to Development With a Fully Functional, OERA Compliant, OO Framework   &   Samples
202 Thomas Mercer-Hursh Ph.D. + Analysis of Existing ABL Code
204 Mike Fechner & Marko Rüterbories + Getting started with Embedded Windows; A practical introduction into WinKitLE   &   Samples
205 Gus Bjorklund, Dan Foreman, Paul Koufalis, Adam Backman, Tom Bascom + Progress Database Performance Tuning
051 Paul Guggenheim + Belly up to the UltraToolBar and Order from the Menu
054 Mike Fechner + Extreme Windows Desktop Integration   &   Samples
058 Scott Blaubach + Many Platforms, One Common Solution Developing WebSpeed Apps for Desktops, iPads, Tablet PCs and Smartphones.
063 Dustin Grau + RIA Performance Tuning
091 Shelley Chase + Getting Started with Silverlight and OpenEdge
145 Mike McMillan + GUI for .Net Frameworks - Inheritance and ABL Centric Controls
151 Frank Hilhorst + Performance Strategies for Running RIA Applications in the Cloud
Success Stories
019 Brian Preece + Developing a 21st Century Point of Service using the latest OpenEdge tools
048 Julian Lyndon-Smith + OBX - The OpenEdge Branch Exchange
045 Chris Longo + User Authentication using the Client Principle Object  &  Samples
089 Rob Straight, Mike Ormerod + Introduction To Progress Arcade
093 Ken Wilner + Introducing OpenEdge BPM: Integrating Business Process Management Capabilities Into Your OpenEdge Application
094 Brian Bowman + OpenEdge BPM in Action
096 Mary Szekley + Multi-tenant Tables: Concepts and Programming model
113 David Cleary + Actional in Action
117 John Harlow + Guidelines for OpenEdge in a Virtual Environment
131 Chris Longo + Harness the Power of the ABL and BIRT  &  Samples
040 Thomas Mercer-Hursh + Object to Object Relations
122 Tim Kuehn + OO Language Concepts for 4GL Programmers
124 Thomas Mercer-Hursh + Thinking OO for the Legacy ABL Programmer
035 Marian Edu + Enterprise messaging the JMS way.
017 Jeff Ledbetter + Expert Database Updates and Delivery with Roundtable TSMS
020 David Abdala + OERA in practice: NSRA
025 Mike Fechner + Extending the OpenEdge Architect Visual Designer
027 Alon Blich + Ladies and Gentlemen - The 4GL Query Optimizer.
073 Dan Foreman + Transaction Scope and Record Locking
074 Alon Blich + How to Generate the new MS Office 2007 File Formats from 4GL
095 Sunil Belgaonkar + Lastest in OpenEdge Architect
102 Peter Judge + Moving from UI to a Presentation Layer: Design and Implementation Principles
103 Gus Bjorklund + Wow You Can Do That? 50 Things You Never Knew You Can Do With the ABL
129 Mike Lonski + Pick an Index, Any Index...
128 Julian Lyndo-Smith & Thomas Mercer-Hursh Ph.D. + To Code? Or Not to Code? That is the question!
153 Mike Lonski + An IDE Whose Time Has Come
001 Tom Bascom + Swimming With The Bees, The Buzz About Alternate Buffer Pools.
021 Paul Koufalis + No More AIxcuses
031 Scott Dulecki + Back to Basics: Dump and Load
061 Adam Backman + OpenEdge Replication made easy
065 Dmitri Levin + Progress and Oracle
069 Adam Backman + Recovery Planning - A holistic view
070 Dan Foreman, John Harlow, Gus Bjorklund + Tales from the Bunker
092 Marv Stone + I accidently left the next generation Sports DB prototype on a bar stool!
098 Rich Banville + Multi-tenant Tables: Administration - easier than you thought it would be
104 Richard Shulman + What's That User Doing? The OpenEdge Client Request Statement Cache.
105 Rich Banville + What are you waiting for? Reasons for waiting around!
109 Gus Bjorklund + Bad Advice
301 Rob Little
+ Why use a BI/Reporting solution when I already have Progress 4GL?
302 Mike Fechner & Marko Rüterbories
+ SmartComponent Library and GUI for .NET and OERA the productive way!
303 John Harlow & Dan Foreman
+ BravePoint Database and Replication Solutions
304 Bruce Thompson & Dustin Grau
+ Application Evolution - A Modernization Strategy
305 Bruce LeBel
+ PrISM Business Process Control & Integrated Workflow for Enterprise Business Systems
306 Nick Finch
+ Royalty Free real-time business intelligence with OpenAnalytics 4
307 Bryn Dearborn & James Stein
+ How to take Advantage of the Progress Technologies for Better Reporting
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PUG Challenge Is:

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Independent: Put on by Progress Users for Progress users!

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Varied: Sessions covering the 4GL, database, integration, complementary technologies and more!

Practical: Topics cover the technology that you actually have as well as The Next Big Thing!

Inexpensive: The most bang for your OE training buck on the planet!

Relaxing: No dog and pony shows or circus acts -- just a couple hundred of your peers and Progress engineers being geeks together!

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