Othello Game Server Admin Client

For testing purposes until the tournament begins, contestants may need to test their code against the game server. This document describes how to use the Admin Console for testing purposes.

The Admin Client is a Windows-only application; for other operating systems, you will need to write your own client based on the AdminService WSDL . The login flow matches that of the client service used for the game itself.

A web-based admin client would be an awesome thing to have .... just sayin' ...


Download the archive containing the admin client. Unzip it into a directory of your choosing.


Once installed, run the Game.AdminClient.exe executable. You will see a login screen. The service url must be ; the Team, Username and Password fields depend on your team credentials.

Login screen

Once you've successfully logged, in you will see a list of games. In the testing/dev phase you will see all the current games and players. Please play nicely with others or your admin rights will be revoked and you'll be testing in the dark (you can compete but will not be able to test).

Games list

Start a new game by clicking on the New Game button. Pick two players from the left-hand list. You can order them; the top player is given the dark/black disks and plays first.

Select a map (using the appropriate button). The zip file contains the tournament board called 8x8_center.txt. You can create your own boards of any size with any number of disks already placed, but you must have at least 2 disks for each player on the initial board.

Now click Start game . Your screen should look similar to the screenshot below. The game is ready to begin now.

Game start

Click on the Resume Game button and the game will start. The game will continue until a player wins or loses.